Blogging Buddies: Interview with Kit from What A Peach!

I am participating in Modern Buttercup's blogging buddies project where I was paired up with one lovely blogger to complete a new blogging task every week. This week our task was to interview our buddy and share the interview on our blogs.

This here is Kit and she blogs over at What A Peach! Her blog is about her life as an American in London, books, movies, and food amongst other things. I think that you should go and read her blog! Right now!

So I asked her some questions and here are her answers!

1. I am so jealous that you live in London! What is your all time favorite place there? Why is it your favorite? How often do you go?
I feel so incredibly lucky to live in London. There is always so much happening here, I can't quite keep up! I have a lot of places I love to go from bars like Giant Robot, Spitalfields Market and dance venues like Sadler's Wells but the place where I always have to stop and go 'woah, I live in this fantastic city' is halfway across Waterloo Bridge walking towards the Southbank. It has great views of the OXO tower, National Theatre, Southbank Centre, London Eye and Houses of Parliament. The Southbank itself is a great place to spend a lazy weekend. It's right on the waterfront and has lots of things to do whether you want to see a film, shop for books, have lunch, sit on the grass or people watch.

2. What is your favorite current fashion trend?
Hmmm. I don't follow fashion as such, but I think a lot of the things I've always liked are in fashion now. I'm actually struggling with that, because I don't want to look like a fashion victim! I love anything with a vintage feel to it, so brogues and swing dresses are a big favourite. I'm loving all the bright colours out there and the current combinations of turquoise and coral. 

3. You share a lot of photographs by amazing photographers on your blog, and I love it! What draws you to photography? Are you a photographer yourself?
I've always enjoyed photography. I remember when I was younger always being the one with the most rolls of film on school camping trips and spending time in the backyard with my dad's old black and white camera. I think I love the idea of documenting things- my memory is awful and I love nothing more than looking back on old photos that trigger happy memories. I really enjoy taking pictures of my friends but also love taking interesting details of buildings and finding faded painted advertisements on the sides of buildings. When I see beautiful photographs, it just takes my breath away. I love the idea that someone can be caught in the moment and it can be so honest or a complete lie! I most definitely wouldn't call myself a photographer, I'm still learning so much about my DSLR and would love to learn how to develop film, but I am  the photographer for my group of friends!
(THIS! is my favorite photography post.)

4. What is your favorite type of music? Bands? Songs?
I've got quite an eclectic (often cheesy) taste in music. Classical, old jazz, golden oldies, musicals and new stuff too- even some rap and hip hop! The one type of music I really can't stand is that electro dance stuff. I'd say the two songs that are guaranteed to cheer me up are December 1963 by Frankie Valli and Don't Stop Me Now by Queen though I tend to cite My Baby Just Cares For Me as my absolute favourite.

5. If you could be anyone else for one day who would it be and why?
Wow- that's a big question! Maybe an awesome glamourous actress from the golden age of cinema. I trained as a dancer and miss the performance aspect, so if I could be in films or musicals- what fun! Someone like Katharine Hepburn or Cyd Charisse maybe. But I think if I really got thinking about this, I'd come up with a massive list!

6. Your counting down to the olympics! Have you ever been before? Will you be going this year? And what is your favorite olympic sport?
I'm not a super sporty person (I played t-ball when I was little but always danced around in the fields instead!) but I am so excited that the Olympics are coming to London. I enjoy watching them on tv and never thought I would get a chance to go. I love gymnastics and ice skating and I strongly remember watching Usain Bolt on tv when I was in Edinburgh with friends and we loved his victory pose. Applying for tickets was super stressful. Part of me wanted to win all the ones I applied for, but another part of me was worried about what it would do to my bank balance! I was really lucky and got tickets to see gymnastics and judo. I think it's going to be really interesting. The countdown is a fun way to look back at past Olympics- I love all the old photographs of competitors!

7. What is your favorite type of food?
I love food. Love love love it. I've been on a healthy eating/getting fit plan since January so I've been missing some foods that my personal trainer has temporarily banned like cheese and sugar! I'm a pescetarian so other than meat, I'll eat pretty much anything. I guess I should say hummus because it's a major staple in my diet- there's always a tub in the fridge!

Isn't she such a lovely person? Thanks Kit! She interviewed me as well and you can check that out right HERE.


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