Forever Lost

You know when you lose something you need and it sucks? Well that happened. To me. I cannot find the cord that connects my camera to my laptop for the life of me. Apparently it was sucked into the black hole that was our basement. For the past couple of weeks our basement has been a black hole of junk. Imagine the dirtiest house in the world and then divide that by a thousand. (Dirtiest house in the world/ 1,000=our basement.) It was no where close to the uncleanliness of the homes you see on TV, or the ones you get the unfortunate privilege to see in person (It has happened). Things were scattered every where. Today I cleaned. Now I am enjoying the cleanliness. It’s nice. I found tons of stuff I had been looking for but not my camera cord. I guess I will have to buy a new one. Which sucks because I know that if I buy one I will find the one I lost. I just looked on and the one I need costs roughly 20 bucks. No way am I buying that when I already have one. I was expecting $5. Suffice to say that I am upset. I have so many pictures that I need to share. I have several blog posts ready to go except for the pictures. I am expecting to buy one tomorrow and then finding my old one tomorrow night. I know it will happen. 
Amidst the turmoil I did receive great news. Feist is coming out with a new album. Metals. I am so very excited for this. It is about time! Feist is one of my all time favs. Her music is so inspirational. She has such a unique voice, and a unique sound. Her lyrics are beautiful and so is her face. I am hoping to be able to go to her show in LA in November. One of my many dreams. 
Thanks Feist for bringing joy to my day.

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