40 Days

Last night Courtney, Ben, and I went to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at Pioneer Park. It twas very fun.
I didn’t get too many pictures because of the fact that they made me take off my camera lens at the front gate. The guard told me I was not allowed to use professional cameras in the concert. What the hay?! First of all, why? Second, they let me take it in last time. Third, Why?! I ended up putting my lens back on mostly because I didn’t want to get dirt and stuff inside my camera, and because I saw plenty of other people with way nicer cameras taking pictures. Unfortunately I was paranoid that a guard would come by and kick me out of the concert for putting my lens back on. So I kinda kept my photographing on the down low. But I did get this not very good photograph of Edward Sharpe and his Magnetic Zeros, but unfortunately I cannot seem to find the cord for my camera. So my pictures will be staying on my camera until then. Sucky right!?
Courtney did not like the fact Edward looked like a bum. He had this crazy long sleeve shirt that hung off his shoulders. He flung his sleeves around. His hair was in this crazy old lady bun. Courtney is always turned off by appearances. I told her that it’s the music that counts… and that is the truth. She couldn’t deny that his music was awesome.
What turned me off about the concert was the plethora of ridiculous people. Drunks, jerks, and druggies scattered the park. One guy was seriously passed out on the side of the road. As we were leaving there was a girl playing her guitar out side the gate. I didn’t really like her music and she was more like yelling rather then singing, but you have got to appreciate her. It’s not easy to go play your music on the streets. As we passed the guitar girl the dummy behind us started bad mouthing the guitar girl and stuff. Courtney says to me “Oh wow! That’s very intelligent!” I agreed with her sarcasm. That idiot girl behind us was not at all intelligent, classy, or considerate. I wanted to punch her, but I didn’t because that would have not been intelligent, classy, or considerate. I most likely would have been beaten up. There is no way to look classy when someone is beating you up.
I never want to be viewed as unclassy.

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