Finals Week Update.

This picture represents not even all of the flash cards that I have to memorize for my Statistics Final on Tuesday. I almost started crying when I realized, that after making over 184 flash cards, I was only 75% finished.
If I survive the next seven days it will be a miracle... 

I also almost started crying when I came across this picture on Tumblr yesterday. Seriously. I am completely inept at anything and everything mathematical. I am a history wiz. So when I saw that this statistical figure involved a dinosaur (or it could even be Nessie) I wanted to die. If I, instead of browsing the internet all semester, listened to the lessons and turned each concept into something I am interested in (i.e dino's/seemingly mythological creatures) I would probably be in a lot better shape for my test right now... and I wouldn't be on the verge of many many tears. Good thing is that if there is a question on the test about the extended bell curve, I will probably be able to replicate this picture; and maybe even get the question right. But the sights are slim.


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