I have a bone to pick with the Girl Scouts of America personages. 
Why change the name of a cookie that has built up such a fan base? A cookie that has made the people of Americas mouth water? The cookie that makes a person drive all over town to find it? A cookie that has a history in this great nation. 
When someone says Samoas, the first thing you think of is those cute little dimply faces of the girls who so kindly deliver to you such a divine treat that you find yourself buying boxes and boxes of such cookie, and freezing them so that you can enjoy them year round. 
Caramel Delights?!?!? What!? Why!?!?
When someone says Caramel Delights you don’t think of Girl Scouts. You think of those bland little caramel squares, or some other caramel treat that will never measure up to the deliciousness of a Samoa.
Why make such a big deal about this you may ask?
Answer: Samoas are a part of my life. A part of my childhood. We have a history, and I am sure many others feel the same. 
Ok so America has been doing a lot of “changing” lately, and we sure do need it. But there is no need to change something that doesn’t need changing. Like my Samoas.
That is all,

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