Dunder Mifflin Corpus Christi

  • Whitney: Did you see that huge fire?!
  • Nicole: I just saw the smoke. My Dad said they are burning brush at King Ranch.
  • Whitney: No... That fire is at Dunder Mifflin Corpus Christi branch. Ryan started the fire when he made a cheesy pita.
  • Nicole: Really?!
  • (Carli and Whitney silently laugh)
  • Carli: Yes. It's a paper company so that place really lit up fast.
  • Whitney: Yeah old paper burns fast.
  • Carli: They have been down on sales since Jim left.
  • Nicole: Wow.
  • (Carli and Whitney laugh harder)
  • Carli: I really hope Pam made it out ok.
  • Whitney: Me too.
  • (more laughing)
  • Nicole: Why are you laughing?
  • Carli: There is no Dunder Mifflin Corpus Christi branch. You are so gullible.

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