Bitter Sweet.

Today I experienced a sadness that I did not expect. I believed that on my last day of work I would walk out of those doors and jump for joy. Instead I ran out of the doors with a heavy heart and a cake in hand. People grow on you… You think you may not care about someone but when you realize that you won’t be spending a lot of time doing heinous tasks with them anymore you become sad. Such people have a certain effect on your life in some way that you don’t realize until the end. You grow together. You learn together. You learn from their mistakes, they learn from yours. You help each other. You complain together.
I am thankful for the experience I had at Century 16. I will miss everyone there. 
I will not miss the late nights, horrible music, the messy customers, the mean customers, the clueless customers, the clogged toilets, the slippery floors, the way making popcorn makes me sick, the nights that they pour out all the milk that expired but is still good for a couple more days and it breaks my heart to watch it go down the drain, the registers that are a piece of crap, I could go on but will not.
Today is the end of a chapter, tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter that is hopefully better then the last.

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