Dream Journal: A Day With Paul.

I started an experiment. I am trying to see if I can make myself dream about particular things by thinking about them before I go to bed. This week I have been trying to dream in legos. Would that not be awesome?! So far I haven’t gotten any results. But I have been having really awesome dreams lately. I would like to share last nights dream with you lovely people….
It started out with me at a Paul Mcartney concert. (I have been dying to go to one lately… but he’s only playing over seas at the moment…) There were like 20 billion people there. (yes, I believe that is more people than the amount that inhabit the earth.) The concert was ah-mazing… (By far the best concert I have ever been too has been in my dreams… sad.) But halfway through the concert people started leaving so I was slowly able to move up to the front. Finally by the end of the concert I was within like 9 inches from Paul himself. It was glorious. Once he finished the concert he yelled “Good Night Carli!”. I then turn around to find that I was the only one left in the stadium. Actually the stadium wasn’t even a stadium. It was my front yard and paul Mcartney was playing his show in my driveway. He then starts to pack up his stuff. I ask “Paul can I help you with your things?” He replies “Yes. Thanks!” I then pick up his shiny red guitar and put it in it’s case. Then Paul says the most glorious thing. “You know I like you. Do you wanna hang out tonight?” (P.S. We all must remember that this is the old Paul. He didn’t say this in a creepy I think your attractive and want to seduce you kind of way. It was a I think your cool and would like some company tonight because I am a lonely rock legend kind of way.) I attempted to control my excitement, but I was not able to. I screamed like a wee little baby and then cringed at the realization that I just did that in front of Paul. I cleared my throat and replied with a yes. He chuckled. Paul then asked me to pull up his car so we could load his stuff into it. He had the most elegant car I have ever seen (even in my dreams). I was so afraid that I was going to crash it and that he was going to hate me. Thankfully I didn’t… After we loaded everything up we started driving. All of  sudden we were in Corpus and Paul was driving around like he knew where everything was. I asked “How do you know your way around Corpus so well?” He replied “Oh because we used to play shows here all the time! This was Ringo’s favorite show to play.” My mouth dropped open and I said “Whhhhhaaaaaa?!?!” Again Paul just chuckled. He could totally tell that I was a starstruck fangirl. “Maybe we should go to PC!” exclaimed Paul. I was so afraid that Paul was going to buy me a PC laptop. I seriously contemplated telling him that I already had a laptop and that mine was a Mac and that it is much much better then any PC, but then I decided that that might offend him and that I should just take the laptop if he offers it. Then I realized that he might like me even more if I introduced him to Mac. The good news is that none of that mattered because PC was a restaurant. We go in and we sit down and the waitress comes up and says to Paul “Hey you look like Paul Mcartney! I bet you get that a lot. It is too bad that he died in a horrible car accident in the 60’s and the queen of england didn’t want to loose revenue so she had a fake Paul created to take his place and that’s why Lennon was shot because he found out.” I was flabbergasted. I was about to tell that stupid girl that she was an idiot but Paul cut me off. He leaned over and whispered to me “If she finds out who I am she will die of shock.” I whispered “Good thinking Paul.” I then asked him tons of questions about how he got into music and what are some of his favorite memories. I asked him about Lennon, and George, and Ringo. (Sadly I don’t remember any of the answers to my questions…) It had been an hour and our waitress still hadn’t brought our food. She was paying no attention to us. She was in the corner talking to her wierdo boyfriend. I could tell that Paul was getting mad. He probably isn’t used to being treated like a nobody. I suggested that we go somewhere else and we did.
Then I was awaken by my stupid alarm. So I will never know where we went and all the wonderful things Paul and I could have done together. I will never know if we had a jam session or if he ever ended up buying me a laptop.
I wish that dream had lasted forever.

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