4 Very Short Days...

I have dreamed of selling my handmade crafts in a craft show for so long. I have always wanted to travel the country and sell for a couple days and then explore. It would be so lovely to take road trips that don’t eat my wallet if I was able to cover the cost of it with my booth. Would that not be amazing? It would.
In 4 short days this dream of mine will come true. Courtney & I are taking Hello Wallflower to our first craft show! We will be at the South Jordan Christmas Boutique. Click HERE if you live in the Salt lake area and woul like to know when and where it is! We would love for you to stop by!



We have absolutely no idea what this is going to be like. We have no idea what we are doing. And we are freaking out. All we are hoping for is to get some experience, learn the do’s and don’ts, meet new people, and have FUN! If it is not fun then I doubt we will do it again… because let me tell you. It is hard work!
Cheers to making dreams come true.

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