Death is a feeling.

Today was my first day home in Texas. There were so many things that I wanted to do…. Like finish my Christmas shopping, go to the bay front, drive down Enis Joslin (AKA the scenic route…), eat some Mexican food, go to one of the new Walmarts, touch ocean water, bask in the sunshine, etc… 
What I ended up doing was laying on the couch, playing video games with my brother, catching up on my TV shows, feeling miserable, petting my cat, asking “Why must I feel this way?!?!”, wishing that there was some kind of magical wizard that could zap away my sickness, and hacking up my poor little lungs. 
Yep. Thats right… I am sick. Very sick. 
The only time I left the house today was to go with my brother to rent Eclipse… Please don’t judge. I know… It is sad that I risked further death like feelings to rent such a ridiculous movie… but my mother hadn’t seen it. We both have read all the books and seen most the movies, so we can’t not see the last ones. Even if they are cheesy, and ridiculous. I can’t help but laugh at them. So very entertaining…. 
Oh dang… I vowed that I would never talk about Twilight on my blog… WHAT HAS THIS SICKNESS DONE TO ME?!?! I guess that I must share my opinion now that I have mentioned it… It is way overrated. Too many normal people have turned into creeps when exposed to this nonsense. Maybe that is the whole master plan for the demise of the human race. Oh Satan. You are good… but I have caught on to your trickery. Don’t get me wrong. I liked the books. I read them all, but they weren’t that good. Hardly even close to the literary geniuses that so kindly grace us with their poetic masterpieces. I will end there.
Hoping for a Christmas miracle…

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