Christmas Booth

Oh man… I cannot belive this is happening. My dreams are coming true.
My dreams of selling handmade items in a craft fair…
Courtney & I are so very excited because Hello Wallflower is going to have it’s first ever booth at a Christmas craft fair! We have been planning on doing one sometime next year because we realized that we have a lot of work to do before we are at that level, but Courtney found an inexpensive fair in December so we decided… “Why Not!?!”
Deposite is paid… so there is no going back!
Our booth was fairly cheap and I do have to admit that we are in the hallway outside of the actual craft fair, but hey… you’ve gotta start somewhere… Right?!
We are just hoping to get our foot in the door, learn the do’s and don’ts of selling handmade stuff in a booth, and just have fun!!!!
I am just stressing about the amount of work we have to do… So much work…
As far as we know the fair is the South Jordan Christmas Boutique and it is December 2-3. More details will come. We would love you to come out and support us!!!!

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