Christian The Lion


A few weeks ago I was at the zoo and I saw a lion and I immediately thought of that story where those guys raised this lion cub and then released him into the wild and like 1 year later they went back to see the lion that they loved so dearly and the lion started running straight at them and you think “Oh no! The lion is going to kill them! I cannot watch this. Run stupid men!” and then right when you think “Oh no! it’s too late he is going to die!” the lion jumps up and gives the man a hug and it is such a beautiful moment that you bawl uncontrollably.
Well this is that video…. I just watched it and I broke down. 
I just love that… The point is that what Barbra said is true… Love has no limits.
Also, lions are probably the second best animal to hug. Second to the polar bear of course.

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