Vintage Finds: Scout Books

Today I was rearranging my room (which I do way too much and it's never worth it) and moved my book case. I had to remove everything before I could move it because I am a weakling and the thing is awkward and huge. As I was putting the books back on I found some really lovely old books that have been there for probably my entire life but I never noticed... So they didn't come from my G-ma's house on my dads side, but on my moms side! Apparently I am not very observant.

These were my mom's Girl Scout handbooks from when she was a little girl! I was a Girl Scout once and after skimming through these books I am pretty sure that girl scouting was way more fun back when my mom did it. 

 I love the illustrations.

 The "a more attractive you" was my favorite. First of all, I found the illustration very funny and almost deceiving. I was so intrigued that I decided to actually read the paragraph. It's not real at all about looking attractive on the outside, it's about inner beauty. "The really secret of loveliness is being lovely." All girls need this advice. They talk about behavior, kindness, and of course posture.

I am actually contemplating reading these books for fun. As I skimmed through there were a lot of fun little ideas, crafts, and advice.

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  1. How fun! Did you know that your cousin, Emily, is a girl scout? She is currently a Brownie, but will cross over to Junior at the end of May. Aunt Maureen