Today I made a new friend. This friend had a southern accent. I also had frozen yogurt. It was Mango Tango and I put fruit and pecans on it. So delicious. Ok so no one likes to read a blog listing the very few eventfully uneventful things in a persons life so I will sum this up will a life lesson or nifty thought. I found all my old diaries the other day and they were just lists of stupid things I did. Example. Today I went to the mall. Then to samanthas house. Now I am writing in my diary. No descriptive words. Nothing.
So while I was eating my frozen yogurt I felt really healthy because it was all fruity. But couldn’t it be unhealthy to eat too much fruit? That’s a hard thing for me to think of. Because if good fruit wasn’t so expensive then I would probably eat way too much of it.
Moderation. That’s a word that not very many people understand. I don’t even think I do. No I’m not just talking about eating. I’m talking about everything that can be detrimental to our lives. The other day I realized I spend way way way too much of my time sleeping. Like 10 to 11 hours a night. That time that I am sleeeping I could be improving myself in some way. Practicing my talents. Doing amazing things. This 10 hour sleeps are going to end. Sadly.
Another thing I need to take in moderation…. making new friends with southern accents.

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