Life Ambitions.

Growing up I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to be as an adult. The range of professions has been quite far reached. Here are a few of the professions I contemplated… and the reasons I gave up on those dreams.
Astronaut: I get motion sickness easily.
Veterinarian: I can barley stand watching the Animal Hospital shows on Animal Planet. Watching animals be sliced open gives me the heebie jeebies.
Lumberjack: The reason for this was because I liked their hats, plaid shirts and the plethora of opportunities they have to say “TIMBER!!”. But unfortunalty I don’t have much arm strength.
Actress: Simply, I am a horrible actress.
Scientist: I can hardly pay attention in biolgy.
Interior Deisgner: My family told me that I could’nt be this. I don’t remember the reason.
Day care owner: uh. no thanks. I can only handle so many kids at one time.
Pastry Chef: It would be so cool to own a little pastry shop! Except for the fact that I burn just about everything that I bake.
Foot Model: This is a recent one. I saw an opening on craigslist. I thought my feet were nice. But Craigslist doesn’t seem like the best place to get a foot modeling position.
Professional Scuba Diver: Depending on what I would be diving for… If it were dead bodies, Heck no. Treasure, Heck Yes! Bad thing is that I am terrified of sharks and such.
Professional Soccer Player: Fact is that I am not good at soccer.
Ok so the point of this blog post is that I have decided what I want to be! Although I am going to college for Speech Language Pathology, all I want to be is a crafter! I just want to make stuff all day long and then blog about it and be an extremely successful Etsy shop owner! I want a craft room with tons of crafting supplies and sweet home decor that I made myself. I also want to sell my stuff in a variety of craft fairs! I lately have become obessed with reading crafter blogs. So many projects that i want to embark on. Someday….In the mean time I will continue my schooling, and dreaming big.
This is an example of my dream craft room. I could live in that room and never leave.

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