At Last.

So in my last post I described my terrible day. That was Thursday. I am now happy to inform you that after 4 attempts, 10 different people, and a large rubber mallet we were able to get the tire off the car! 
The good news doesn’t stop there! I went to get a new tire and they said that I don’t need one! So the fix was completely FREE! YES! 
There is a little bit more good news!
I took Courtney and Ben to the Blue Plate Diner in SLC (I talked about this place in THIS post) as a thanks for being such great friends and driving me around and attempting to fix my tire. Thanks guys! The food was delicious & the diner it self is so cool… If you live in the SLC area you must go. 2100s 2100w. Easy directions right??! 
I just want to thank everyone who came to my rescue this weekend. I would have had no idea what in the world to do with out you. Especially being so far from home. 

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