Finals Week.

I am already freaking out. Every night as I lie in bed just about to fall asleep I remember all the things that I have to do this week. My eyes burst open and I lay there trembling with fear. I would punch myself in the face for not getting things done earlier, but I am frozen with fear and regret. This always happens. Always. I never learn from my mistakes. I never learn that procrastination only makes you stressed, weak, and prone to sickness.
I would have just punched my self in the face for writing a blog post instead of an essay but I was frozen with fear and regret. Also… That self inflicted injury might make me NOT be able to write my essay. Maybe not. Because right now my body is pretty weak due to my procrastination and stress.
Oh. Such a vicious cycle.
If you don’t hear from me by Friday… I have probably died.
Wish me luck.

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