We Are All Fools.

Today is the infamous April Fools Day… This is the one day a year when everyone is allowed to play pranks on eachother without consequence. But my thought is that if you really wanna get someone good you would prank them on a day that is not April 1st because pranks are expected. When someone hands you some really crappy news today you are going to play along but know in the back of your mind that they are most likely playing a prank. But then in the way back of your mind you can’t help wondering if that person is really telling the truth and your mothers plane did crash land in the pacific and she is stranded on an island with flesh eating natives. Very unlikely right? But things like that do happen! They don’t make movies like Castaway out of pure imagination…
So today my friend tells me she has gotten engaged and I wasn’t surprised by this because things like that happen, but really on april fools? Of course it was a joke. Thank goodness! But then my co worker asked my other co worker where her purse was and it was missing! And she had just cashed her paycheck and had tons of cash in there. No one was sure if it was an April Fools joke or for real. It turns out that it was for real and was at the new restauraunt down stairs. Everyone thought it was a joke no one would take her seriously.
That story proves that the unlikely event that really bad stuff can actually happen on the one day of the year when everything is a joke.
Be careful out there guys. You may be unknowingly blowing off a real tragedy. I’m just trying to look out for my home dogs. Ok disregaurd that statement. I think my ghetto co workers have rubbed off on me.

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