Texas Love: Bonfires

 One thing I love about Texas, or should I say Corpus Christi, is the close proximity to the beach. I love having the opportunity to drive on over to the beach after work or going early in the morning and seeing the sunrise, which I have yet to do this summer and I need to.
 My favorite beach activity has to be bonfires. I love sitting around a fire with friends under the stars. We have been having quite a few bonfires lately and I don't mind at all. I love passing around the guitar and jamming with friends. I had no idea how many talented friends I had until we all sat down and sang together. 
 I know that it is possible to do a bonfire just about anywhere, but I firmly believe that the beach is the best place. There is nothing like the sand between your toes, the salty breeze in your hair, the sound of crashing waves, along with the cackling of the fire. It's amazing. 
After this bonfire we went for a drive in the dunes. Me being the pansy I am freaked out. A lot. I was almost hyperventilating. There is just something about cars doing things they shouldn't that scares me... but it was really fun once you get passed the fact your sitting in a metal death cab that is sliding down cliffs of sand while spinning rapidly.


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  1. I'm here in Texas, but Wichita Falls isn't anything like Corpus.. haha When I lived in San Diego, I used to love going down to the beach however it was so cold! I also play the guitar as well. Super cool stuff when I find someone else who plays!