Life is... busy.

I am sorry if you have noticed how slow it has been around here lately. Or how the quality of my posts are dropping. It has literally been a busy week. It's a combination of being way busy, and partly uninspired. As frustrating as it is to be completely uninspired, it has been born of a busy work week. Somehow a bunch of side job opportunities sprung up out of nowhere that have allowed me to put a little bit more money into that savings count of mine that seems to be collecting dust. It is starting to get back to normal but I have a feeling that it won't last long. I am moving back to Utah in less than a month! Last night I had a dream that I was moving the next day and that I hadn't done any of the things that I have wanted/need to do before I move back. Suffice to say, I freaked out... and while I may not be moving tomorrow, I have a huge list full of things I wanted to accomplish this summer that haven't been crossed off. But then again, things are a lot different than what I expected for the summer. As excited as I am to go back and do the "college life" thing, I am really sad to go. Even though I will be coming back, it just won't be the same. This summer is exactly what I needed and more, but there are bigger and better things out there for me. This summer has been comfortable, stable, rewarding, spiritual; but also hard. 

This week I am hoping to be able to go watch the sunrise out at the beach. I just want to sit out there and be inspired. I want to clear my head and think about the future. There is so much ahead of me. So many big choices, struggles, triumphs, experiences, and adventures. I just want to plan out my next move, make lists, and set goals.

I have a few pretty little posts for this week that I am excited to share. I promise that things will get back to normal (or even better) soon.



  1. Get blogging! I haven't blogged much this summer either, so...I'm one to talk!
    Anyway, can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

    1. You get to blogging! By the way... we seriously need a Dance Mom marathon party. With popcorn and stuff. For real.

    2. Yes, please! How about in, say, about 3 weeks?!?!