Vintage Finds: Knick Knacks.

I have always been a lover of knick knacks. Maybe that is why I was left with a big bag of them from my grandmother. Since my childhood I have always hung onto little items that held some sort of sentimental value for me. It took me a really long time to realize that objects don't have feelings, therefore, it's ok to give it away. I am pretty sure this is why I cry so much when I watch Toy Story. Especially the last one. When Andy plays with that little girl he gave all of his toys to... I am literally tearing up as I type.
When I moved away to college I brought with me a ton of unnecessary things. Like a plethora of knick knacks. It is still hard for me to think that I could be living with out these little things that I have had forever, or that a friend gave me, or that I found, etc. When I moved back home at the beginning of the summer I brought back everything but a few school things that I wouldn't need over the summer but would need for the next semester. I am currently trying to get rid of/box up things I don't need/ don't need now but want for later. It has been an extremely difficult process. Mostly because I sit in a sea of clutter and don't know where to start. But this declutteration (lets pretend thats a word) of my life will help my college career to be less stressful. There is nothing more stressful than not having a lot of space, except maybe not having any space because your little space is full of crap. (I will be living in an apartment with 5 other girls...)

So I thought that before I box up some of this stuff it might be nice to let them see the light one last time. Let them have joy in all of their kitschy glory. All of these little knick knacks come from my grandmother on my moms side. I found them in a box of things I inherited from her. It's nice to have all of these little pieces of her life.

 I love the little pinecone faces.
 Miniature bottles are the cutest.
Someday when I have a house of my own, I want to get these out an put them all in a shadow box or a frame with little mini shelves and display them.



  1. Carli, I remember many of those items and I think some are even from your great grandmother, Dorothy McLouth (like the little wooden tea set). I also have a few items from her world travels that I will show you the next time you visit. Memories......

  2. Wow! I am excited to see them!

  3. What a nice story! Hang on to them Carli, they're part of your heritage. Placing them all in a shadow box will be something that you'll enjoy. I added all my tiny items to a small printer's drawer and the result is beautiful. Good Luck! Lorri from