This is how beautiful feels: What A Peach!

I am really excited to have my first "This is how beautiful feels" guest post (you can check out the project HERE)! I am even more excited that Kit (my old blogging buddy) from What A Peach accepted the challenge! She is a wonderful girl who lives in London and blogs about music, photography, life in London, musicals, and so much more! Take it away Kit.
Let me start off by saying that, like most women, I have plenty of little gripes about my appearance. But one thing I’ve never hated (which certain members of society might say I should) is the colour of my hair. I’m a redhead. A super proud ginger. My locks are fire-y, alluding to my temper which can (very rarely) surface.  I’m passionate, fantastical and sensitive. Not that my hair can take all the blame for my personality, despite traditional assumptions and new scientific studies, but it sure helps me stand out! And as I’ve got older, I’ve felt so thankful that there is something about me that is quickly recognisable, a bit rare and sometimes a talking point (!)
Growing up, I read Pippi Longstocking, watched my Anne of Green Gables tapes and was regularly told by strangers how much I looked like Little Orphan Annie! Now, I use my hair like an accessory- usually making it as big as I can for nights on the town rather than throwing on lots of jewellery. This is because I’m finally starting to embrace another feature of my hair- the curls.
Oh boy, did this take a while to reconcile myself to! I wanted to be the little girl whose hair was long and glossy and reached to her bum, not the one whose hairdresser forgot that as her hair dried and curled it would shorten, thus rendering a perfectly respectable cut on wet hair utterly ridiculous on dry.
I used to flippantly say that I wouldn’t have children because I didn’t want to subject them to curly hair and I would dream of being able to straighten my own.  Now, I think I look ridiculous with straight hair (and don’t have the patience for two hours with GHDs!)
So, it took me a while to love my curls and while I’m pretty sure I’ll never look glossy and put together just by running a brush through them, I’m learning to be keen on my locks as I continue to learn the best way to look after them.
I’m hoping this is a good example of learning to love an aspect of your appearance you don’t like.  It may take many years (I’d say it took me over 20 years to begin to understand my hair- and it still surprises me most weeks as it seems to have its own inconsistent personality). Get on with it, flaunt it, the most difficult feature may be the bit people flatter you most for.
And of course it’s not all about how others react to you, you’ll feel stronger and surer of yourself the more you embrace your perceived flaws- and they may turn into your favourite bits!
So, what bit of your body that you might not like is really awesome and different? Your super long legs? A mole? A defined nose? Have a think about a bit of your appearance you don’t like and try to find something positive about it. Chances are someone out there is jealous of your skinny fingers, large earlobes or that gap in your tooth!
Thanks Kit for sharing! I love it! I have definitely experienced the same thing in my life.
Throughout the next couple of months I am going to have more guest posters come here and talk about self image and beauty.Like Kit, they will be sharing personal experiences of how they have overcome (or are working to overcome) beauty struggles. My aim is to address all of the issues women face today with love, support, kindness, progress, goals, ideas, strength, and friendship. The goal is to help women know how beautiful feels.

So if you want to be a part of the project please comment, share, and/or email me! I would love to hear your stories and most importantly be your friend! If your interested in guest posting shoot me an email and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you want to talk about in the post! I am excited to create a support group of beautiful women to love and care for one another.

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  1. What a delightful gal! loved reading this!

  2. i love this post! i have super curly hair too, and it's an ever evolving process figuring out what products work best...but i've learned to love it too! :) cute series!