Weekend Recap.

Lets talk about the fact that I was in very close proximity to a tornado but didn't know it. Lets also talk about how I was driving a couple friends up to San Antonio when it started raining cats and dogs and my windshield wiper decides to break and fling itself across the windshield while we were in the middle of nowhere. Lets also talk about how my friend Travis stood out in the rain and tried to fix it but couldn't. Lets also talk about how I pretty much blindly drove to the nearest gas station and waited out the storm and feared tornados.

phew. That was an adventure.

Later that day we drove from San Antonio to Austin for a concert and then Travis realized that he had forgotten the concert tickets in Corpus Christi. So we had to buy more tickets. Then there was a mosh pit and there were so many people that I was basically suffocating because of the smelly man next to me. Then people decided to throw full beer cans and sweaty shirts across the crowd and I feared diseases and projectiles.

Basically my weekend was chaos and for that I blame Travis. But I actually had a really good time. Crazy adventures are not only comically fun but are also very good stories to tell your grandkids. And when I say "tell your grandkids" I mean "warn your grandkids".

What did you do this weekend?


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