Road Trip: Atomic Bombs & Other Things That Go Boom.

Maybe this isn't such a good thing to like... but I like explosives and fire. Am I a pyromaniac? Probably not, but I come close. My family owns land that once was called "The Farm" (which fits because most of it is farm land) which has since been renamed "The Ranch" and then most recently "The Little Ranch". All this name changing was done by my father and that is a story all in itself which I won't get into today. So on our "Little Ranch" we like to have big bonfires, pop fireworks, shoot guns, explode things, launch model rockets, and stargaze... Real Texas stuff. Most of these things include some sort of fire or explosion.  So I am thinking that maybe my pyromania is hereditary. 

One time we put paper in our fire and the wind blew these flaming pieces of paper across the field towards a bunch of trees. I chased them down and stomped them out. It was a total matrix experience. I'm dodging flying flames and in my mind I looked pretty awesome doing it, but what you think you look like is not ever what you really look like... it's really unfortunate.

After Christmas is the best time to have a bonfire. My friends and I collected literally 50 Christmas trees and took them to the beach and lit them up. Best bonfire ever. We planted half of them in the ground and basically had our own mini forest fire (Smokey would have NOT been proud...). The other half we put in a big pile and lit it on fire. The thing about christmas trees is that the burn really quick and really hot. So we were all basically standing in the water (at night risking shark attacks) so that we could escape the heat. I know that because of these stories you will probably think less of me. Because now that I have typed the stories up they look like really bad ideas... I apologize. 

The entire point of these ramblings is that I really like things that explode or catch on fire. 

How does this relate to my road trip? Well it doesn't really, because I didn't see any explosions on my road trip... but we did stop by the Trinity Site. Which is where the U.S. secretly tested the first atomic bomb! Because the site still has traces of radiation they only open it to the public twice a year so we didn't actually go in this time, but my dad informed me that I have been inside before. I have actually stood on the exact spot that an atomic bomb exploded. Granted, I was like eight and probably didn't understand why standing out in the middle of nowhere was significant. I don't even remember it. That goes to show you how very insignificant it was to me. Not that I agree with the purpose of an atomic bomb, because I don't... but how cool would it be to be able to see an atomic explosion!? (that doesn't hurt anyone). 

 The bomb exploded somewhere out there.

One of my favorite parts about my road trip was being able to stop off at little places like this for a few minutes to stretch my legs and listen to my dad talk about atomic bombs, his gratefulness to be an American, and the love he has for his country.


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