Cut's Like a Knife.

Introducing... my little devil of a cat Izzy. He looks like he is about to kill me in this picture, and the sad thing is that he probably is... The point of this fuzzy web cam picture of my cat and I is that getting chased down the hallway, dodging wolverine-like claws, and literally being scared to death by this maniac of a cat is something that I missed while I was away. It's good to be home. Also, see that Harry Potter scar on my forehead? Really... It seriously resembles Harry's scar... Well you might think that my cat scratched my face (which sadly has happened before) but no. I went shopping today and while trying on a dress the tag scratched me in the face and I bled profusely onto said dress. It was sad and embarrassing... What did I do with the bloody dress? Well I had every intention of informing the dressing room attendant, but she left. So I left the dress there bloody side up (dang... I am going to think of the phrase "bloody side up" every time I order eggs "sunny side up"). At first I felt terrible. Then I thought that whoever makes a clothing tag that cuts like a knife is an idiot.


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