Sunday Nap.

New Years was fun. Danced with friends. Screamed at the top of my lungs when the clock hit Midnight. Had rough encounters with a very creepy guy….
Oh you want to hear that story? Because it is quite a strange one. 
It all starts at a Mormon dance. Mormon dances in Utah are not at all like back home… and that is not necessarily a good thing. You don’t meet new people, guys don’t ask you to dance (unless… and I’ll get to that later.), and if they do ask you to dance they don’t take your arm. Walk you out to the dance floor. Really talk to you because the music is way too loud. Spin you at the end. & escort you back to your friends. Dance over. Drop hands and leave. Ridiculous right? I have tried to avoid these dances usually, but I had no plans and my friend shot me an invite. I decided not to be a lame person and accepted. Don’t get me wrong. I had tons of fun! Mostly because I was dancing with friends. 
To set up the scene… The dance was held in two separate gyms playing different kinds of music and upstairs was food and drink. After dancing for a while we decided to get something to drink. As I am pouring me a glass of water this guy comes up to me.
Guy: “Hello. How are you?”
Me: “Pretty good! What about you?”
We exchanged names. His is Randy.
Randy: “Are you enjoying New Years?”
Me: “Why yes I am! How about you?”
Randy: “Yes I am.”
We exchanged home states. He was surprised to find that I was from Texas. 
Randy: “You don’t look like your from Texas. You look like a Utah girl.”
And that was probably the most offending thing I have ever heard… (No offense).
Me: “Have you been dancing?”
And that was probably the hugest mistake of my life…
Randy: “Yeah a little. Are you dancing with any boys?”
Me: “Uh yeah. A couple times.”
Randy: “Would it be alright if I danced with you?”
Me: “Yes that would be fine.”
He then asked me several more times if I was sure we could dance.
Randy: “Ok then. I will just follow you around until then.”
And thats when I was 100% sure that he was a creep.
He then stood at the table my friends were sitting at. He asked my friend for her number. When she said she had a boyfriend he said that he doesn’t have to know. Except that her boyfriend was sitting right next to her.
He then walked off.
Later we go back to the dance floor and are dancing to a really fast song. He walks up to us.
Randy: “I bet you didn’t think I’d find you.”
Me: “Oh no…. I figured that you’d find me.”
Seriously. I can never get away from them.
Randy: “Now can we dance?”
My friend Elise tells him that he can dance with our group. He says that he only wants to dance with me. He makes the motions of a slow dance.
Me: “Well this really isn’t a song for a slow dance. Dance with my friends and I. If a slow song comes on then we can slow dance.”
Randy: “Am I making you feel uncomfortable?”
That makes it pretty obvious that he does this to girls often.
Me: “Um. No. This just isn’t a slow song.”
But he was making me feel uncomfortable. Just holding on to my pride I suppose.
I prayed that a slow dance wouldn’t come on. He seemed extremely upset. After repeated times of telling him that I was not going to slow dance to a fast song and that I wanted to dance with my friends and that he was welcome to join he finally agrees.
He then GRABS MY ARM! I pulled back so fast and put up my hands.
Me: “Generally you don’t touch people during a fast dance. Randy. I am going to dance with my friends. Please leave me alone.”
I then turned around and started dancing like nobodies business. He stood there for a minute and walked away.
I never say no to a guy asking me to dance. It takes a lot of courage to ask a girl to dance, but when they make me uncomfortable and then grab me I will refuse. I am not going to encourage that kind of behavior. It is alarming for a girl to be treated that way.
Anyways… besides that I had a great time. 
I went to bed at 3am and woke up at 8:10. This change from 1:00pm church to 9:00am is going to kill me. But getting out of church at noon might just be worth it. I can now partake in a Sunday nap. Which I haven’t had in almost a year. It was once my favorite thing. Today after church I at lunch and ran to my bed. As I jumped (yes I literally jumped) into bed I smiled at the thought of napping. As I snuggled under my covers I whispered. “Oh nap time. How I have missed the!”
It was a glorious nap. I dreamt about Randy unfortunately. This time he was even creepier. But after that dream ended it was amazing. I slept for 6 hours. This is bittersweet. Mostly because I will never get to bed tonight. Apparently I need to once again train myself to Sunday Nap. 
Happy New Year.

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