New Years Resolutions

Every year I attempt making a list of worth while resolutions. Somehow they are never accomplished. I attribute it to the fact that I loose my resolutions and can not remember them. With the impensing changes in my life and plethora of ideas and dreams that constantly inhabit my brain and terrorize my sleep; I have decided to create a list of resolutions that I know that I can accomplish. No more “Become a Youtube sensation” We all know that will never happen. Or the infamous “Go on a diet” I am too busy and horribly food inclined for that. These are things that I have been dying to do for myself. I think resolutions are a selfish thing. Not a bad selfish, but a good one. There are things I want for myself that I need to work for.
  • Save money. Lets face it… Money is a dreammaker.
  • Be more creative with my outfits & Look more professional at work.
  • Take more pictures. Print them. Create.
  • Become a better photographer.
  • Make time for practicing my guitar.
  • Teach myself to cook.
  • Spend less time online.
  • Create. Create. Create. Finish 2 projects a month.
  • Make time for community service.
One thing that I have really come to enjoy is blogging. It is a wonderful creative outlet for me. I can release the pressure that the ideas in my mind exude through writing. I know that I may not be the best writer… but I feel like I am getting better. This blog is also a record. I like being able to look back at my blog to remember what I have done. I hope that when I am old and grey I can read this blog and remember where I have come from and all the things that have made me who I am.
Resolutions for the blog:
  • Start doing craft tutorials.
  • Share clothing revival stories.
  • Share more music.
  • Maybe do some outfit posts. It is so inspiring to look at outfit posts on other blogs. It has challenged me to be more creative with my dressing.
  • Reach out to other bloggers who I can realte to.
Happy New Year!

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