Slow Down Joe.

Today has been a hectic day. Being a city that rarely sees snow, Corpus Christi has completely freaked out! I guess there’s a reason why everyone freaks out. There have been so many accidents that they ran out of emergency vehicles. Wow. I kinda freaked out momentarily as I drove home from work today. It was sprinkling so I put my windshield wipers on and it became blury. So I then spray some fluid on the windshield and it freezes to the window and I cant see anything! So I then pull over (it is miraculous how I used my knowledge of where I was basedon my side windows and pulled off the road into a parkinglot with out seeing anything in front of me) and I scrape the ice off. I made it home safe. I also learned a very nice lesson that I will need to know in Utah. Never put fluid on your windshield in freezing weather.
I would just like to say. Slow down. There is no place you need to be more then you need to be alive. I would also appreciate this because there’s a good chance that I could die with you. And no offense… I really don’t want to die with you.
Thanks Carli

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