I currently have two pairs of socks on, two pants, two sweaters and one is a hoodie which is pulled up tightly over my head and I am still cold. And I am inside my house! Not to go on and on about me moving to Utah but it is kind of ridiculous that I will be moving to a very cold climate in 14 days and now experiencing that weather down here. I was hoping to spend these 14 days basking in the sun. Running around this city in shorts, t shirts, and sandals. Riding bikes, going to the beach, having picnics, and other summery things. 
Wait…. Is this some kind of divine intervention!? Is this to help me to better prepare for the weather that will soon be an everyday struggle for me? Wow. 
Polar bears are lucky… With all their fat and fur. But then again they couldn’t survive in warm weather. I wish I cold easily adapt to any climate. Thats the super human power I would want. 
This world we live in… is so extreme. 

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