Maybe I Will Survive.

Last night it snowed and as always I kind of freaked out. Then Ashley and I were driving to the mall and I went the completely wrong way and we ended up going on this extremely long detour. It was a good thing. It took us up near the base of the mountains. The road weaved around the hills that scatter the mountain side. The snow blanketed everything. It was stunning. I was no longer paranoid about icy roads. I was just letting the sights seep into my soul. In which they did. The snow covers the trash, dirt, and grime and makes everything beautiful. 
Also. I got to wear my new snow boots. I haven’t really had an opportunity to wear them. This is the first snow fall we have had in a while. I guess this is just going to be a mild winter?
Also… I didn’t wear a jacket all day today. I am stunned.
I love how the snow sits on the branches of the trees. And how it blankets the roof of this small little turquoise house. 
Maybe I can make it through a Utah winter… (knock on wood)

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