Is It Summer Yet?

In 43 days I am moving back home to Texas for the summer. I can’t contain my excitement…
I am tired of wearing jackets, not having cell reception in my own house, and school. I just want a vacation. A really long vacation.
But it won’t just be fun and games… I am going to get down to business as well.
I am going to transform my room into a craft studio.
Make/transform one article of clothing a week.
Make needed things for college. 
Do tons of craft tutorials.
Have lots of adventures.
and warm my frozen bones.
It is so cold in my house that after I washed my hands the cold air in my house froze them. I had to breath warm air on to my hands in my house… Not cool.

Looking forward to this. Just looking at this picture makes me warmer. 
Through out the winter I often looked at my “summer” pictures to keep me going. Almost there.

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