Faces Are So Overrated.

Today I saw that movie Beastly with a couple of my beautiful friends. Yes it is a modern version of the disney movie Beauty and the Beast.
As cheesy as it was I really enjoyed it. Handsome boy who’s ugly on the inside changes to ugly on outside and has to change his inside to get a girl to love him to change back before the roses bloom on his tattoo of a tree on forearm. Girl with drug addict father. Boy with aggressivly handsome news anchor father who hardly cares for his son.
I work for a company that promotes and sells movies that inspire and instill good values into the children of America. We need more movies like that! With all the movies we watch today were giving todays youngins the inspiration to do horrible things. Its horrible. This is why there are growing numbers of crimes, drugs, suicides, murders and we all know that I could go on. Children don’t come up with stuff like that on their own.
We need an intervention!
Ok so ill get off my soap box for now…
Did you know that it is illegal to throw snowballs!? You can get arrested! Seriously. Carli

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