Yay! I have finally gotten to the more recent instas! And when I say recent I actually mean that these are from almost two months ago.

-> Several of these pictures are from my vacation to California. I love the one taken from the end of the Santa Monica pier. I just can't get over how beautiful the west coast is. The beaches are stunning. Growing up 10 minutes away from the beach in Texas has always been the best, but Padre Island is like the ghetto of beaches when compared to the few I visited when I was in Cali.

-> Another one of my favorite pictures in this group is the one of the abandoned church. It is located in the middle of nowhere New Mexico and literally every time we make the drive to and from Utah we stop there to snap a couple shots. It is stunning.

-> It makes me a little sad to look at the pictures of me and my Provo friends because I miss them sooo much. Only two more weeks!

-> The picture in the bottom right corner is of me wearing the first shirt I made this summer. I made it for the 4th of July. Sadly, after a series of unfortunate events I didn't really get to wear it for any cool festivities on the 4th... but we won't get into that story because it is long and sad.


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