Most of these pictures are from the little over a month that I stayed in Utah after school ended before heading home to Texas. Basically all I did that month was work and play.

  • I spent a lot of time at my old roommates apartments since I had no new friends at my new apartment besides my engaged roommate. Later, I moved into an apartment all by myself after Jessica got married. I wont be alone in the apartment when I get back but I lived alone for 2 weeks. It was super weird/surprisingly awesome. 
  • At my old rommies apartments, people that actually lived there thought that I lived there too since I was there so much. We did some pretty cool stuff: One day we all took turns blowing fire. Pretty dang awesome I must say.
  • We also rented a puppy. Yeah, you read that right... we RENTED it. There is a local business in Provo that rents out puppies to college students for an hourly rate. After the puppy gets to be a certain age they put them up for adoption. Basically this is genius since us college students don't get to have pets. When I first moved to Provo I had some animal love withdrawals. Any time I would see an animal I would get all excited and emotional and probably freaked out the owner when I ran up to see if they would let me pet it. We rented Rodney and spent 2 bliss filled hours playing with him.
  • Another huge event of that month was the birth of my besties baby boy Lincoln. The little (or should I say huge) guy was 10 pounds 9 ounces!!!! He literally looked like a 3 month old. That picture of him sprawled on his bed still gets me. This was literally an hour and a half after birth! I was so excited to hold him a couple days later. So cute. Can't wait to get back up to Utah and snuggle with him.
Basically that was a great month. Looking at these pictures makes me miss all of my Provo friends even more than I already do. Can;t wait to be back in less than a month!!!!


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