365 Day Challenge.

It's 2013! This next month and a half I am going to be training myself to write 2013 instead of 2012. Why is it so hard to make that change? These past few days (and next couple of days) are full of goal making for me. I haven't finished my resolution list yet... only because this year I am trying to make meaningful goals. Goals that challenge me. So I am not quite ready to share what I have come up with, but... I do want to share one of my goals for this year, and frankly, it is quite a huge one.
I got the idea from Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. She decided to do a 365 day photo challenge of her home. Since I don't necessarily own a home to be proud of, I decided to choose a different focus. My focus is my daily life. At this time in my life I am doing things I probably will never be able to do again. I am making big decisions and growing a lot. I want to remember these days. I thought it would be really meaningful to create a photo journal of my daily life this year. I have a feeling that it is going to be great year for me! So, I'm going to share my photos on Instagram and write a caption that describes that day in a few words. For example, here is todays:
Yeah, I guess Instagram is essentially a daily life photo journal... and I know that I Instagram A LOT, but I want to capture more of how I feel everyday rather than what I do. Does that even make sense? Take today for example. I didn't do much. I went to a friends house,played games, watched a couple episodes of New Girl, then I came home and watched Moonrise Kingdom and Money Ball with my mom and dad. Basically it was just a really lazy day, but all day I was thinking about how it is a new year. I thought about my "new" goals and my "new" resolutions. Today felt "new".
I am really excited about this endeavor! It is going to force me to be more creative since a lot of my days are the same... School, eat, sleep. If you are doing a 365 day photo challenge please let me know! If your instagramming your progress I would love to follow you! Comment here with your username and I'll follow. You can follow me to if you'd like. @carlifires84
Happy New Year!

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