Maybe you already know this, maybe you don't. I went on vacation last week to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta! I took a ton of pictures on Instagram and on my Nikon. I will tell you a lot more about my trip later, but for now... here are some instagrams!
 1. View of Salt Lake City from the airplane at 6am.
2. The nasty $3 banana bread muffin that I got at the airport for breakfast.
3. Finally. Blakes Lotaburger is the literal best.
4. Directions.
 1. It had been a year since my taste buds had been graced with the presence of this here pumpkin pie milkshake.
2. The Route 66 Diner is my absolute favorite. I love the diner feel.
3. Bomb dinner.
4. Hopscotch to your table if you'd like.
 1. Juke box.
2. Many times I have thought that I should move to Albuquerque and work here.
3. A blurry photo of Elvis and I.
4. I am not sure what this is a picture of but I thought it was cool.
 1. Entering Balloon Fiesta Park!
2. Ticket.
3. Dad and I.
4. Balloon and sun.
 1. The new Elvis balloon. Might be my new favorite special shape.
2. From beneath.
3. Countdown to take off.
4. It was such a beautiful morning.
1. This was the first time my dad had ever had funnel cake.
2. Hot coco on a cold morning.
3. Concession row.
4. Self portrait.
 All of these are from the amazing fireworks show at the fiesta. I literally cry every time I see a good fireworks show.
 1. Table jukebox. We played the Beatles for a quarter.
2. Welcome mat.
3. The Owl Cafe was so good that I bought a T-shirt.
4. Look who I found! Leonard is the best.
 1. Chili ristras at Wagner Farms.
2. I wonder how much it would have costed from me to take this guy home on the plane with me. He was such a sweetie.
3. Bunches of pumpkins.
4. Shopping in Old Town.
 1. Dream moccasins. I gave some pretty straightforward hints to my dad about these being a Christmas present.
2. What the... please tell me people don't actually eat these.
3. Humongous sombrero.
4. Really good apples.
 1. We were stuck in traffic for over an hour, but at least the weather didn't mess up the ballooning!
2. Sunshine through the balloon.
3. Balloons in black and white.
4. More balloons.
1. More balloons.
2. Elvis.
3. Royal Lion.
4. This was such a long day of traveling that I didn't care that I was wearing short pants with polka dot socks and moccasins. 



  1. The pictures of all the balloons makes me so jealous!

  2. Oooh, neat pictures! Im totally new to instagram, so I never really took notice of instagram blog posts before. I totally get them now! You also have a neat blog too!


  3. Looks like so much fun! Love the Elvis balloon :-)