The past couple of weeks instagram illustrated:
1. Campus.
2. Chicken nugget obsession. 
3. Spinstach (spinach mustache). 
4.Roll Up. The best crepes west of the Mississippi.
1. Beautiful day.
2. Mocktail party.
3. Almond Joy ice cream from Leatherby's.
4. Alien space ship that has landed outside my window.
1. Taking a lot of naps.
2. Yellow for the yellow party.
3. Homework picnic.
4. Pasta. It's whats for dinner (every night).
1. County Fair rides.
2. Olympic divers.
3. Fried Oreos.
4.More County Fair stuff
1. Rodeo's make me miss Texas.
2. Lord of the Flies.
3. Such a sweet little animal.
4. The largest cow I have ever seen. Ever.

The past couple of weeks have mostly been filled with school work and naps, but these little highlights make it all worth while. 


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