This week.

I am moving this Thursday... and I haven't packed anything. Nothing. Nada. It doesn't help that it's Shark Week... I thought that watching TV while packing was a good idea. No it's not. I spend more time being fascinated by great white sharks eating stuff than actually putting things into boxes. It's a sad reality when you discover that you only have a few days of summer left, and those days are to be spent preparing for the school semester. The end of the summer really crept up on me. I am starting to panic.

Basically what I am saying is that I might not be around much this week. I might not get a chance to respond to emails as quickly as i'd like, or read all of your lovely blogs. I am also really sorry that I didn't post a Grateful Sunday post. I wanted to, but I am trying to soak up every last bit of summer. I do have a couple posts planned for this week so it won't be completely quiet around here.


P.S. I am having a really hard time trying to balance spending time with all my family and friends, and getting everything ready for my move. Do you have any advice on spreading out the little time I have left before I leave? I feel so bad that I can't spend time with everyone.


  1. I'm a terrible packer. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. blame all problems on sharks. it's a good way to go through life! :D