Welcome to a special edition of Insta-life!
Last Saturday my family had a BBQ out at our "Little Ranch". If your wondering why "Little Ranch" has quotations around it... i'll try and explain. So my family owns some farm land (right now were growing cotton) and then a wooded area. We have always called it "The Farm", but it's not exactly a "farm". So my dad changed the name to "The Ranch", but it's not quite a ranch. So then somehow my Dad became obsessed with calling everything "Little". Little this, little that, Little Ranch. It's sort of a joke in my family now. Basically we have no idea what to call the place. At this "Little Ranch" we do a variety of red neck stuff. Shooting guns, archery, BBQ, exploding stuff, fireworks, smores, and a bunch of other stuff that normal families don't do.

So... Saturday we went out there for my last hurrah. There's one thing I must include in this story. I am pretty much terrified of wild animals. In this wooded area there is a plethora of coyotes, wild hogs with very large tusks, snakes, and Slender man. Of course, Slender man isn't really there... but I tend to be really paranoid about mystical things (like aliens). Speaking of Slender man, have you ever played the computer game Slender? My guy buddies discovered it and we have been playing it for weeks. It's really awesome to see grown men scream like babies. Slender man has basically been an inside joke with said friends, but somehow I was convinced that Slender man was out to kill me.

Saturday night there was a meteor shower. Being the daddy's girl, and outer space fanatic, that I am; I agreed to spend the night at the "Little Ranch" with my dad to watch the meteor shower. The plan was for us to park two trucks side by side and put cots in the back end to sleep on. I was excited to sleep under the stars and watch meteors all night, but I wasn't excited to be out in the woods at night with scary animals and Slender man hanging around. That night we set up our beds and got in them. It was hot and humid. I kept my shoes on incase I needed to make a sudden run for it. My dad announced that because the meteor shower wasn't going to official start for another couple hours that he was going to sleep a little. I laid there with my eyes wide open and my flashlight in my hand. I was aware of all noises. Every movement turned into quiet enemy footsteps. Every howl of wind turned into an attackers soft breathing. At times I whipped out my flashlight and scanned the tree line until I was satisfied that nothing was there. Finally I fell asleep. I awoke to meteors shooting across the sky leaving green tails. It was so beautiful. I couldn't tear my eyes way from the stars that were shinning brighter than I have seen in a long time. I looked for constellations and counted the meteors. After a while I fell back asleep. The cycle continued. Scared out of my mind, mesmerized by meteors, sleep. Finally the sun came up and started to warm the cool breeze. We walked around a while and I took the pictures above. It was such a beautiful morning. Before it got too hot, we packed up and headed home with such great memories. I love spending time with my dad and stargazing. It was a wonderful night that I will never forget.