Happy Weekend

Sorry I haven't been around for the past couple days. I have had a lot on my mind with the moving and packing and saying good bye to friends that is coming up. I had every intention of blogging but every time I have sat down to plan or create a post I have not been able to think of anything "good". I promise that things will be back to normal soon! I have been taking a lot more pictures lately and will definitely be sharing them soon. I'm also on instagram now (carlifries84). For now, I hope you have an incredible weekend. As this is one of my last weekends in Texas for a while I am spending as much time as I can with the people I love.



  1. have a great weekend and good luck on the move!

  2. Moving is always a little scary for me, but I love thinking of what awaits. Good luck! I'll make sure to follow you on Instagram :)