Grateful to be together again.

As amazing as the summer was, I really missed all of my besties. Ashley (left) was back home in Canada, Courtney (right) stayed in Salt Lake, and I of course was in Texas. We were separated by a very large expanse of land. It is way nice to be back together again.
Yesterday morning I went to the Salt Lake farmers market with Courtney. When I decided to move to Texas for the summer I was really sad that I would be missing the farmers market. I am so glad I was able to go at least once. I even got some homemade rose perfume! It has always been my dream to smell like roses, but I could never find the perfect scent. The best part is that the seller only had a tester of rose perfume, so she sold me that one for half the price!
After the farmers market we met up with Ashley, Ben (Courtney's husband), Tabby (my new roommate), Phillip, and Robert (the brothers that drove to Utah with me). We had a picnic at Liberty park in Salt Lake. It has to be one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. The place was busy with parties, music, carnivals, games, sports, dogs, canoes, and food. It was the perfect day. After eating some good food we did a little ice blocking. If your not familiar with ice blocking: You sit on a large block of ice and slide down a steep hill. Its the perfect sport for a hot summer day. Observe: 
As much as I miss Texas, I know that I am where I need to be. I am grateful for the friends that make Utah my temporary home and their love and support. My friends are definitely the best thing about Utah.


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  1. :) getting back together with friends is the best! sounds wonderful