Want to Sponsor?

Here's the thing. One of my goals is to at least double my readership by the end of the year. Not because I want a million and one followers, but because I really want to grow. I want to build business, friendly, and creative relationships through the blogging medium. I have met so many wonderful ladies already, I just want to meet more! So if you are interested in doing a sponsor swap, please send me an email!  As of right now, I will be keeping your button forever... or as long as you keep mine... or until I decide to start doing monthly swaps. Basically it's undecided.

Just shoot me an email with a link to your blog and a 200x100 sized button. I'll send you mine in return. The email is carli.randolf@gmail.com

I really do look forward to supporting your business/blog!


P.S. Sponsor calls are awkward. Sorry.

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