Learning to Watercolor.

This summer I made it a point to try my hand at new mediums of creativity. I originally wanted to take some classes at the local community college, but it didn't work out. The truth is that I haven't really taken as much advantage of my free time as I would have liked to this summer. Today I realized that i'll be back in Utah in 51 days! So basically I only have a few short weeks to really dive in and find a new source from which to let my creativity flow.
A couple weeks ago I painted some wall art for my future roommate and began another painting (that I have yet to finnish... although it's almost done). I really enjoyed painting! I have always wanted to take a class, but it hasn't happened yet. A few of my friends asked me to paint them some wall art and I thought, "Why not?!" So today I went back to the store to buy more canvas. I saw a set of pretty watercolor paint. Thats when I realized that I wanted to try watercoloring! I called my mom and asked if she had a set at home, and she did!
When I arrived home I found out that there was a neighborhood power outage. It was hotter in my house than it was outside, which by the way... was lingering around 100 degrees. I know. This Texas heat might be the death of me. So I filled up my bathtub with cold water and sat in it for an hour. When the electricity came back on I got to work watercoloring.

The "love" painting was the first, and the "girl with umbrella" was number two. 
I love the way watercolors look. I had some trouble getting the color to do what I wanted, but I feel like it will come with practice. I want to experiment some more. I am thinking about going to the library tomorrow to check out some books on it!

If you have any tips, pointers, or friendly constructive criticism for me please comment or send me an email! I really want to learn! If you watercolor I would love to see some of your work too, so, again, send me an email or comment.


P.S. If you don't want to search for my email... carli.randolf@gmail.com
P.S.S. Next I will be experimenting with leather. Then maybe metal work. It looks like I have a few busy weeks ahead!

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