Road Trip: Smokey the Bear.

On our way home I made my Dad drive the slightly longer way just so that we could drive through Capitan New Mexico and go to Smokey the Bear's memorial museum and grave site. I have been many times before, but somehow it never gets old. It takes just about an hour to go through and is great for the kiddos. Something about a little orphan bear cub that was saved from a fiery home and went on to advocate fire safety is just beautiful (and makes me emotional.... I am a mess.)

The coolest part about the museum is all of the Smokey memorabilia. Most of it is vintage and very cool. Also, not for sale... which is sad because there were a couple posters I wanted to take home. I also wanted Smokey the Bear salt and pepper shakers.

I did pick up this little key chain for me (and one for a friend)! 
And remember... Only you can prevent forest fires.

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