Road Trip: Route 66 in black and white.

This was probably one of my favorite moments of our entire trip. The route 66 diner has been a family favorite for, well, before I was born! Every year when we go to Albuquerque for the balloon fiesta we stop by the Route 66 diner and relive the 50's. My mom and I always get a pumpkin pie milkshake then dream about it for the rest of the year. Since we were planning on stopping in Albuquerque for the night, we thought it would be fun to make a stop at the diner for dinner. Who ever thought of doing that (my dad) is genius.

Because I am not a very good photographer and that the place was crawling with red neon, my pictures didn't turn out as planned... so they are in black & white to hide the crazy lighting. But I kind of like them that way. I think they look like they came from an old roll of film. It's kinda like I was actually there in the 50's!

 Ok I lied... There is one in color.

 Chicken pot pie heaven.
 Story: I ordered the Pumpkin Pie shake but they were out of season and I was sad. I usually am in Albuquerque in October, hence pumpkin pie shakes... I ended up ordering an Elvis shake which consists of peanut butter and bananas. Heaven. My dad thought that it was gross (without trying it). Has the man never had a peanut butter and banana sandwich?! Does he even live on planet earth?! 

So if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Albuquerque, New Mexico it would definitely be worth your time to go to the Route 66 Diner (on historic Route 66) and then go to Old Town. 

I was really sad when we left the next morning because I have so many memories there.


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