I just want these photos to illustrate how beautiful the weather has been. Well I t hasn’t been constantly beautiful like it would be in Texas, but after several days of rain we get a glimpse of heaven. I am in love with the sunshine.
Here are a few more things that I have noticed about Utah. 
1. There is tons of little fuzzy things that float through the air. I call it summer snow because it looks like snow falling. They get caught in your hair and stuff. Sometimes you find piles of it on the ground and it looks like scattered popcorn. When you look closely it looks like wool.  
2. When I try to explain how cool Texas is the native Utahans exaggerate the truth about Utah. I am sorry but there is no way that you found a tumble weed the size of a 18 wheeler.
3. No one knows how to drive in the rain. Actually most of them don’t know how to drive at all. But especially in the rain. However, they are good at driving in snow, which I am horrible at.
Just enjoying the weather.

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