Its here. Finally. 
I’ve spent the afternoon toying around with it. Trying to figure it out. Maybe I should just read the manual. Seems like a better way.
I like the way it feels in my hand, and the way the strap lets it hang around my neck. Comfort and security. I like what I see when I look through the lens. It’s like a whole new world. 
I know that i am being slightly dramatic, but I feel that dramatizations make life more interesting. Thats my motto. (but that doesn’t mean I like soap operas… those are crap.) 
From now on I dub this here blog to not only be a record of my innermost thoughts, opinions, feelings, memories, and such; but a place of sharing my photography and the emotion behind the pictures I take. 
This is the beginning. It starts with a girl. Who gets a camera. Heres the product.

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