Pioneer Day

Dispite the fact that I love my Texas, I will say that Utah has it’s perks. They have a month long firework celebration! You can legally buy and shoot off fireworks for pretty much the entire month of July. Whereas Texas only allows you to light em’ up for a couple days each holiday. Sometimes you can’t even do it at all, but i’ve got Texas’s back… It’s not his fault that mother nature dries out the land making it dangerously flamable.
Yesterday was Pioneer Day. What is that you ask!? It’s Utah’s own personal holiday to commemorate Pioneers. Cool Right!?
Pioneer Day ended the legality of fireworks… but it definitly went out with a bang! Courtney, Ben, and I went to Liberty Park to watch the last Hurah. Unfortunatly it was lightly raining so I did not want to chance bringing my camara. The park was packed. Blankets of people scattered the ground making it hard to find an open spot. We settled down on my mexican picnic blanket by the pond and waited. Although the rain was not comforting, it was such a beautiful night. As we waited for the fireworks to commence, I looked around at all the people. So many different people from different walks of life all coming together to enjoy the bursts of fire. The people behind us were so very classy… That was sarcasim if you did not catch it. They renamed the holiday Pie&Beer Day and they were in fact celebrating it. But, nothing could ruin that night. The fireworks were stunning.
It’s those simple things that make me happy.

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