On A Whim.

I had a hair appointment on Wednesday. I had every intention of just getting a trim and color. Then about 10 minutes before my appointment I was browsing the internet and saw this picture again. I had seen it before and had contemplated cutting my hair to that length but decided against it. As you can see… I didn’t talk myself out of it this time. I just did it! 


I have gone back and forth about it… Sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t. Mostly because when I let it air dry it looks like an “A”… and lets be clear… I am NOT OK with that. People might start coming up with nick names like “A head” or something similar. I realize thats not that bad of a nickname. I have had worse… but I still don’t want it. So the new do has forced me to be more creative with my hair styling and accessories. I have decided that I am going to try and invent new ways to style my hair so that I never get bored of it… or look like an “A Head” or whatever else I could be called. 

Style #1: I have really been digging the messy curls lately. 

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