Never Again.

First of all, I have a watch tan. My watch tan is so defined that if I drew little numbers and a clock hands, it looks as if I could be wearing a skin colored watch. Now I have to wear a watch all the time to cover up my watch!
Second, I have blisters on the bottom of my feet that cause me to walk like an old woman. Imagine this…. Me hunched over, very bent knees, and walking on the outside of my feet. This has also caused my knees to hurt as well.
Third, I am extremely sunburnt. I searched the entire basement this morning for sunscreen and found none. I also have a sunglasses tan in addition to my watch tan. I’d take the watch over the sunglasses any day.
Why has this happened to me? I blame Courtney (although it is not at all her fault and she was just trying to help me out). Since I was on vacation to Texas the week before last my pay check was sliced in half. So I was worried about getting all my bills paid. Courtney who works as a office manager at a daily work daily pay place called Labor Finders got my job for today. I worked 9 long hours at the Utah Fair Grounds cleaning up trash for an event. It was not at all fun. I had to work with creepy men who would not leave me alone. Then I had to give them all rides. I had to breath in their second hand smoke, listen to their foul language, and pick up the pace when they slacked off. It was also extremely hot. Of course it is a perfect day with no clouds in the sky to shield me from the sun. I was praying for cloudy weather, and guess when that cloudy weather came. Right after I left!!!!!!! 
Anyways…. That is why I am now crippled. 
But this does make me appreciate the people who do this for a living. That is extremely hard work for such little pay. There I was complaining about it when these people do it to pay the bills every day. I am so grateful for my job, and the money I have. Although I hated every second of it, I am glad that I did it. I feel that I have felt a glimpse of what it is like to be out of a steady job and to be hurting for money. Now I am going to do everything in my power to be successful and to never have to live in that way. 
Some times you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do…

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